Document Management Service

The Document Management Service enables syncing and sharing documents (.odt, .odp, .doc, .docx, .pps, .ppt, .pptx, .xls and .xlsx) across multiple users. It tracks, manages and stores files and folders for all registered users. Using this service, users can view, edit, delete, upload, download and share their documents across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) – ensuring seamless collaboration.

How it works?

User Creation: Your Admin can Add / Edit / Delete DMS (Document Management Service) user accounts as required. The Admin can allot user-wise quotas to moderate users’ file uploading activities. Once users exhaust their quota they would not be able to continue uploading documents. The Admin can also allot user-wise permissions for File Sharing, Online Viewing and Online Editing.

Document Management: The DMS users can create functional/project-specific groups and share files and folders among these groups. They can also map other users to these groups to expand their collaborative network. DMS users can Upload / Download / Share / View / Edit documents from Anywheremail depending on the permissions allocated by the Admin.

Syncing: All DMS users can sync documents across their desktop, laptop and WebDav supporting mobile clients.

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