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Bcc Blocking
Bcc Blocking

Email now needs to be accessed from anywhere, from different devices, and at any time – and most important, everything
MUST be in perfect sync!

MailServe anticipated this a while ago – and the Priority Inbox and Mobile Inbox features are meant to ensure that your mobile users have a productive email environment on the go.

This is ably supported by a powerful but easy-to-use web mail interface that allows you to do away with email clients downloads to desktops along with all the downsides of that approach; you achieve complete Cloud-based email, secure archiving, anywhere-anytime access, the ability to activate and provision users and devices at any time – and the confidence of being able to deactivate users and disable access when required. With the availability and reliability of the MailServe platform.

With the Bcc: blocking feature of MailServe web mail we hope you’ve got one more reason to deactivate email clients for your users – and switch to web mail and IMAP.

How do I enable Bcc: blocking?

In order to activate the Bcc blocking facility:

  • Log in to the MMv3 Admin Panel
  • Navigate to Client > Mail Hosting > Add/Edit Mailbox Account
  • Select the ‘Block Bcc Recipient’ check-box
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