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ChatServe Pricing
ChatServe Pricing

We offer ChatServe chat messenger pricing in convenient packs based on the number of users as given below:

ChatServe Per Annum Rs.
5 Users 2,850
10 Users 4,950
15 Users 6,300
20 Users 7,500
25 Users 8,550
30 Users 9,450
40 Users 11,400
50 Users 13,500
75 Users 18,900
100 Users 22,500
200 Users 36,000
300 Users 52,500
400 Users 66,600
500 Users 80,250


  • ChatServe packs come with 1 year validity.
  • Renewal of service will be required after expiry of the validity period. Prices are subject to change in view of development of new services, features and plug-ins.
  • Prices mentioned do not include the cost of migration, training and support. The same will be extra.
  • For Indian customers, Service Tax and/ or any other Govt levies in force/ as applicable will be levied on the above mentioned prices.

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