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Chat messenger service and official chat for communication at the speed of thought!

ChatServe provides the organization’s employees an instant chat messenger that serves as an uninterrupted communication facility with the added advantage of anywhere, anytime access. Emails may not always be the right option for instant, productive communication as the sender has no way of knowing when the receiver will read the message or respond. Popular instant messaging services are also not ideal for group chats thanks to inherent security risks and the fact that all users must necessarily use the same chat client.

As ChatServe is restricted to the organization’s employees, the organization need not worry about leakage of confidential information. The ChatServe chat messenger allows a team to communicate in real-time, helping the organization streamline its decision-making process and infuse speed and flexibility, resulting in improved productivity – after all, as the saying goes, time is money! All that the user needs is a tiny application to be installed on his/her machine and access to the Internet.

Chat is tightly integrated with our Email Hosting service and can be availed only if your organization’s email is being managed by us.

We have designed Chat as an extensible service so that the organization benefits from:

  • Instant collaboration: Users can use Messenger to instantly discuss and collaborate on official issues, even from different locations and time zones.
  • Availability update: The user gets updates on the current availability of other employees.
  • Support for all chat clients: Our network-agnostic service supports all Chat clients and allows users to chat on the Web or using the Chat Client.
  • Audit trail: We provide logs to monitor use of this service and records for compliance with statutory regulations.

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