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Mobile Inbox
Mobile Inbox

The Mobile Inbox feature from MailServe is and email filtering enhancement that enables you to specify exactly which of your emails should be delivered to your smartphone. This is done using a set of highly configurable email filters and routing rules through the Web mail interface of MailServe.

With Mobile Inbox from MailServe you can:

  • Get only those messages that require your immediate attention on your smartphone and attend to them on the go.
  • Have a copy of messages sent from your smartphone saved in the Sent-Mail folder (or any other folder that you specify) seamlessly; no more marking a Bcc: to yourself.
  • Have all your email, across your desktop/laptop/handheld, in perfect sync.

Mobile Inbox from MailServe – reclaim your Inbox, and do more besides!

Note: Your smartphone should have EGDE/Advanced GPRS set up and configured. The Mobile Inbox feature uses the IMAP Protocol, which is supported by all popular email clients for desktops/laptops, tablets and smart-phones. You will need to switch over to IMAP on all your other email clients to achieve device-independent email.

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