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Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Always up and running websites

Web Hosting is a powerful Internet hosting service from MailServe, which ensures that your organization’s website is always accessible. We guarantee high up-time levels which impacts how often your website is available for use. While designing this service, we have included features to facilitate easy accessibility and tight security since the official website epitomizes your organization’s identity in the virtual world, and also because when customers need information, the Internet is where they are most likely to look.

The Web Hosting service gives the organization:

  • Choice of plans: The organization can choose the Shared hosting plan that provides cost effective solutions with secured and separate partitions for each company, the Dedicated hosting plan, which eliminates the risk of domain blacklisting inherent in Shared hosting and provides more stability and security, eliminates the risk of an overloaded server, slow response times due to bad coding or scripting on other websites, and ensures a dedicated hosting experience which may not be possible on a Shared hosting plan or the Managed hosting plan, which provides not only the server and the same hosting plans as in the Dedicated hosting option, but also additionally provides extended features, management and support which frees the customer from having to manage the server as in the case of the Dedicated hosting plan.
  • Flexibility: We offer both Linux based hosting and Windows based hosting, both reliable and widely-used platforms with a variety of features.
  • Dependability: As we use geographically distributed server clusters, high availability of this service and redundancy are guaranteed.
  • Scalability: We offer the organization multiple options so that it has the freedom to choose web space with the right amount of data transfer and can switch plans according to changing requirements.
  • Security: We use world-class tools that provide multiple layers of security against virus, spam and Denial-of-Service attacks, for the websites hosted by us. Network intrusion is detected and rapid protection is provided against any attack.
  • Business continuity: If a hacker or malware still manages to get past our security layers and takes down the website, restoration is easy as we take a monthly backup of the website content to insure the organization against all such events. We fix these issues without disrupting user experience on the website and make sure that important information like customer database is not affected.
  • High availability: We have provided an uptime of 99.7% over the last four years and have a watertight Service Level Agreement to protect the organization’s interests. In the unlikely event of any issues, we have a wide-spread support system that you can always depend on.
  • Freedom from platform management: As we offer this service in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, we are responsible for the development and maintenance of the servers, leaving the organization free to leverage its core strengths.

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